La Sen Spa - Where serenity meets culture

Spa La Sen

La Sen Spa is one rare spa in Ho Chi Minh City that values and promotes traditional Vietnamese body care techniques and products. All skincare, hair care and body care products here are mainly natural and herbal plants, freshly concocted or brewed on the spot, based on traditional recipes, used by Vietnamese mothers and grandmothers in the old time, where lives of the land were so much healthier and non-polluted with hundred toxic chemicals like nowadays.


Located on Xuan Thuy Street, in Saigon most vibrant urban area, La Sen spa warmly greets you with wooden swing gates, a charming garden with banana trees and a lotus pond. Walking through the entrance to the reception area; ones cannot help but notice an immediate sense of serenity. From the indistinctive fragrance of lemongrass and lotus blooming in the air, soothing meditation music from distances; refreshment made from tea and pandan-leaves to the warmth and friendliness of staffs, it is definitely a place where tranquillity oozes from every corner.


Key services offered include hair care, body care, massages and facial care. Rooting for natural-made use and experience, with hair care, the "Love your hair" package includes Vietnamese traditional herbal hair wash, conditioner; rinse and hair mask. All are made fresh every session, from organic ingredients such as Gleditsia fruit; lemon peel; pomelo skin; lemongrass; and rosemary.


For tired muscles, one should try 70 to 90 minutes body massages (depends on your time budget) with herbal poultices and home-made ginger wine, which effectively helps to relax tight muscles; fills the body with warm sensation while massages applied to release painful knots.


For those who want ultimate relaxation, " La Sen's bliss" is the perfect indulgence. This four - hands massage sequence is a form of aromatherapy oil massage; performed by two therapists simultaneously. The massage movements are especially designed to imitate waves of oceans; which are so continuously soothing and mesmerizing that the receiver would enter into a meditative stillness. And that in turns will bring a holistic physical and mental relaxation.


Passionate therapists who will guide you through the session are experienced and well-trained. Through out treatments, therapists will give you unique relaxing experience and positive energy. This positive energy comes from their core values that is carried in each individual therapist's heart: 


"We all love what we do. It feels fulfilled to see whoever comes to us with physical or emotional pain walking out happy and better. And at La Sen; we are encouraged to be the best as we can be. So it is a win-win situation for us and our clients" ( Nhân; La Sen therapist; responded me with a giggled)


"With our mission and our passion for organic; herbal treatment and healing through traditional spa experience; La Sen Spa is where relaxation meets culture". 

Stories | Posted date02/09/2017